Top DeFi Projects Today

  • OlympusDAO ($OHM) – Decentralized reserve currency model with bonds, LP, staking, and more.
  • Curve Finance (CRV) & Convex (CVX) – Top 3 (currently) TVL of DeFi protocols. Curve is the DAO, exchange, LP, stablecoin and more, on which the yield farming platform Convex is built.
  • Synapse ($SYN) – Trustless cross-chain bridge and automated market-maker (AMM).
  • Wonderland ($TIME) – Avalanche-based reserve currency protocol with responsive APY (above 72,000% APY at some points).
  • Avalanche ($AVAX) – Fast, low-cost programmable smart contract platform upon which DeFi 2.0 dApps can be built. Layer-1. 
  • Solana ($SOL) – Also a layer-1 smart contract platform, Solana is a primary competitor to Avalanche and Ethereum.
  • Yearn Finance ($YFI) – Yield and lending aggregator and insurance provider on the Ethereum blockchain. Unavailable to US citizens. 
  • Rarible ($RARI) – DAO governance and yield generation based on NFT sales.
  • Abracadabra ($MIM) – Protocol generating the Magic Internet Money (MIM) stablecoin as yield for various lending practices.
  • Alchemix ($ALCX) – Low-maintenance protocol attempting to push the boundaries of DeFi with self-repaying loans, future yield, and DAO governance. 
  • MakerDAO ($MKR, $DAI) – $MKR token holders govern the DAO that regulates $DAI, the native stablecoin pegged 1:1 with the US dollar. 
  • Algorand ($ALGO) – Layer-1 and layer-2 smart contract protocols focused on scale and blockchain interoperability.

Source: The Investor’s Guide to DeFi 2.0 – Blockworks

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