Algo-Chain ETF League Tables Designed For Financial Advisers, Wealth Managers And Investment Research Teams

There are many benefits of investing in ETFs and the challenge is to select the best ones within particular investment categories.

The Algo-Chain ETF League Table Gallery is one of the investment tools that offers better insights into ETF statistics within the following dimensions:

  • Asset Classes:
    • equity
    • fixed income
    • commodity
    • alternative
  • Pre-defines Metrices:
    • performance
    • net new assets
    • assets under management
    • volatility

The ETF League Tables benefit from the following metrices to get the ETF system outputs.

  • Statistics
    • weekly / monthly / year to date returns
    • assets under management
    • net new assets weekly and monthly
    • 12 month volatility
  • Exchanges
    • London Stock Exchange
    • Euronext Paris
    • Euronext Amsterdam
    • SIX Swiss Exchange
    • XETRA
    • Borsa Italiana
    • Bolsa de Madrid
    • US Exchanges
  • Asset Classes
    • Equity
    • Fixed Income
    • Commodities
    • Alternatives
  • Geographic Exposure
    • All Geographies
    • Global
    • Regional
    • Country
  • Top vs Bottom Performers
  • Valuation Currency
    • GBP
    • EUR
    • USD

On top of the above ETF League Tables, Algo-Chain offer a plethora of ETF tools and model portfolio solutions designed to meet the needs of financial advisers, wealth managers and asset management research and due diligence teams. The ETF Heatmaps are a good example to start exploring the whole range of the Algo-Chain ETF solutions.

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